Sunday School

1 – 3 year olds – A playful transition from nursery to Pre-K.  We reinforce concepts through play and Bible stories told with toddler friendly wording.

1st  and 2nd Grade – Eager to learn. Love to interact with each other.  They welcome all new children.

7th & 8th Grade – Few in number but great in study of God’s word.  The fields are already white unto harvest.  Pray that as we study God’s word that He will send more laborers.

High School – We enjoy fun and interactive study of scripture that attempts to connect the reality of our Creator and His love for us, to the reality of our daily lives.  We really want to know what God’s word means to us.  Come join us!

Phebian – a wonderful class with loving classmates.  We have an excellent teacher.  We are blessed.

Saved t o Serve – We like to serve others through Christ to show his love.  We are so blessed!

Prophecy – Bible study   Book by Book   Verse by Verse

The Knights for Christ is a diverse Sunday School class of both couples and individuals ranging in age from the late 20’s to mid-50’s. We use the Explore the Bible Discovery Study Guide literature to help us focus on the Word of God. We encourage open and honest discussion at all levels and on all topics as we all seek to grow and mature in our faith. Anyone of any age or background is welcome to join us as part of our learning and fellowship experience.

Adult # 1 – Class who ages range from the youngest at 22 to the oldest class member who is 44.  Open to all who want to learn what the Lord has in store for us.

Adult Class #3 – Come join a quaint group of couples who share conversations and experiences as we learn about God’s work.  We’d love for you to join us.

Adult #5 – This class is comprised of median-aged adults fifty years of age and up  It is a couples class but not limited to couples.  This small group enjoys a close fellowship and frequent communication through its calling plan.

Along with its Bible-centered teaching, this class participates in several outreach ministries by sending get well and sympathy card to class members and their families, providing gifts to Autumn Care residents at Christmas, supplying bags of toiletries for the needy, to name a few activities.  In general, it supports the overall mission effort of the church.